The Wii is a seriously dangerous time sink

Ever since the Wii landed in my home last week I’ve been glued to the little machine, and so has my wife. The simple software is extremely friendly to anybody that wants to give things a quick try, but usually those little “quick tries” turn into a thousand “one more times.”

If you have any interest in the Wii, make sure to pick one up when you get the chance. I’ve never been so satisfied so quickly after the launch of a console. The future for the Wii is overwhelmingly bright and I have a feeling we’ll all be singing Nintendo’s praises for years to come. Coupled with the DS, Nintendo has now firmly cemented itself once again as a prominent and important videogame company.


Yeah I’ve put well over 20 hours into my Wii. From gaming to just playing around on the OS.

I think that is more than what I have done in the last several weeks in terms of total game time.

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