Thursdayton is dead?

No, Nintendo didn’t cancel their upcoming conference tomorrow, but the hype surrounding it is starting to take its toll on several web sites and forums. The most notable victim thus far is the fan-created Thursdayton website. Thursdayton isn’t much more than a site that hosts Nintendo hype-related pictures and animated .gifs alongside a countdown clock to Nintendo’s big moment.

While the death of a silly hype site isn’t exactly newsworthy, the amount of hype that is surrounding the impending Nintendo announcement is nothing short of amazing. System launches are always surrounded with fans pounding popular gaming-related sites, but the Nintendo Wii seems to have managed to stir up more of a fervor than anything else that the industry has ever seen.

After tomorrow’s conference we should all know the price, launch date, and expected launch titles for the Wii. I’ve got my popcorn, soda, and seat reserved in front of my computer monitor.