Nintendo Press Gifts

Have you ever wondered what Nintendo ships to game reviewers alongside the software itself? Well, some of the “press gifts” are pretty simple, some are cool, and some are plain weird. For example, when Nintendo shipped Animal Crossing: Wild World to reviewers, it came with some housewarming items. When I tore open the box it shipped in (which was large for a DS game), the box had a wicker basket, a sponge, a garbage bag, a box of Tide laundry detergent, some animal crackers, a few other things. Recently, Starfox Command showed up with a bag of airline peanuts with the game’s logo on the outside and an airsickness bag. A few of things that have shown up include: T-shirts, special-themed boxes, figurines, DS stylii, posters, stickers, towels, postcards, perfumed letters from Princess Peach, and much more. Below is a pic of some random things from a few titles.


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